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Monoclonal antibody directed against the rat aß-T cell receptor

Hybridoma Clone    Antibody Isotype    Cat. No.
R73-2b                    Mouse IgG2b         ARA06

This monoclonal antibody is an IgG2b isotype switch variant (Beun et al., 1993) of the well-known R73 IgG1 monoclonal antibody that is specific for the rat aß-T cell receptor (Hünig et al. 1989).


The R73-2b monoclonal antibody binds to an epitope of the constant region of the rat aß-T cell receptor. It is able to activate rat T cells (Beun et al., 1993). The reactivity of R73-2b monoclonal antibody is rat strain-independent. R73-coated culture flasks induce rat T cell proliferation (Beun et al., 1993).

Technical information
R73-2b is useful in flow cytometry, but can also be used in other techniques, including immunohistochemistry of fresh-frozen tissues. It can also be applied in assays that are based on T cell activation. There is a bispecific antibody available (R73xCC52, ARA17) that consists for one half of this antibody and the other half of an antibody directed against a rat tumor antigen of epithelial origin. This bispecific antibody is able to induce T cells to lyse the appropriate tumor cells.

1. Beun GD, Van De Velde CJ, Fleuren GJ (1993) T-cell retargeting using bispecific monoclonal antibodies in a rat colon carcinoma model: III. Activation of resting T cells and tumor neutralization induced by bispecific antibodies. J Immunother 13: 223-231.
2. Hunig T, Wallny HJ, Hartley JK, Lawetzky A, Tiefenthaler G (1989) A monoclonal antibody to a constant determinant of the rat T cell antigen receptor that induces T cell activation. Differential reactivity with subsets of immature and mature T lymphocytes. J Exp Med 169: 73-86.

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