ARA Antibodies for Research Applications

Why you should licence your hybridoma to us!

Antibodies for Research Applications BV (ARA) is a company that intends to bring research and industry together. The ARA company is managed by two experienced researchers, both working for more than 20 years in the field of immunological research. The company makes monoclonal antibodies, developed by research institutes and products of intensive research, commercially available to reach a broad scientific community. There are no further efforts for the researcher, while gaining development costs back. ARA carefully selects and documents antibodies before they are offered for sale. Quality of the antibodies is a main item for the company. The results are highly reliable antibodies, useful for many types of research.

The research institute that gives antibodies in license to ARA will:

- still be free to use the antibody for any scientific purpose;

- obtain royalties;

- will not be bothered by any aspect of the commercial activities.

The advantage for scientists who license antibodies to our company goes beyond commercial profits. Many antibodies will become available to the scientific community, preventing unnecessary investments for colleagues to generate their own antibodies. Furthermore, the original manufacturer does not need to make costs for the provision of antibodies to colleagues, whereas the scientists requiring these antibodies do not loose valuable time as the antibodies can simply be ordered.

Interested? Please, contact:

Antibodies for Research Applications BV

Leenmanslag 57
2805 HT, Gouda
The Netherlands

Managing directors:
Peter J.K. Kuppen Ph.D.
Arko Gorter Ph.D.
Rob Spaan LL.M.