ARA Antibodies for Research Applications

Bispecific antibodies directed against the rat aß-T cell receptor
and rat tumors of epithelial origin

Quadroma Clone    Antibody Isotype                        Cat. No.
R73xCC52              Mouse IgG1 x Mouse IgG1             ARA17

This bispecific antibody was generated by fusion of the R73-producing hybridoma with the CC52-producing hybridoma (Beun et al., 1993). Quadroma clones producing functional bispecific antibodies were selected by testing the ability of the quadroma products to induce T cells to lyse the appropriate tumor cells.

R73xCC52 consists for one half of an antibody that is directed against the rat aß-T cell receptor and for the other half of an antibody directed against an antigen present on tumor cells of epithelial origin. Specific information about the reactivity of R73 and CC52 can be found elsewhere on this website.

Technical information
The bispecific antibodies induce lysis of appropriate tumor cells by rat T cells (Beun et al., 1993) and are, therefore, extremely useful to test the lytic capability of rat cytotoxic T cells.

1. Beun GD, Van De Velde CJ, Fleuren GJ (1993) T-cell retargeting using bispecific monoclonal antibodies in a rat colon carcinoma model: III. Activation of resting T cells and tumor neutralization induced by bispecific antibodies. J Immunother 13: 223-231

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