ARA Antibodies for Research Applications

Anti-human renal cell carcinoma (clone RC38)

           "Binding of RC38 monoclonal antibodies to human renal cell carcinoma"

Hybridoma Clone    Antibody Isotype    Cat. No.
RC38                     Mouse IgG1           ARA38

A mouse was immunized with a renal cell carcinoma homogenate. After fusing the spleen cells from this mouse with myeloma cells, antibody-producing cells were screened on thin sections of various human tissues and selected based on staining pattern.

RC38 stains over 95% of primary renal cell carcinomas and 60% of metastases of renal cell carcinoma and glomerular visceral epithelium and proximal tubules in normal kidney (cytoplasmic). It does not stain epithelial cells of non-renal malignancies.

      Immunohistochemistry (frozen sections) yes
      Immunohistochemistry (formalin embedded tissue) no
      Immunohistochemistry (antigen retrieval) no
      Flow cytometry not tested
      Immunoblotting not tested
      ELISA not tested
      RIA not tested
      Cross reactivity:
      Other tumors not detected
      Endothelial cells in tumors frequently positive
      Mouse renal tumors not tested
      Rat renal tumors not tested
      Rabbit renal tumors not tested
      Goat renal tumors not tested

        Immunoglobulin (sub)class: IgG1

        Presentation: supernatant 

        4C = 2 months
        -20C = 1 year
        Aliquoted storage at -70C or 20C is recommended.

        1. Oosterwijk E et al. (1986). Am J Pathol  123, 301-309.       
        2. Dijk J. van (1988) J  Nucl  Med  29, 1087-1082.

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