ARA Antibodies for Research Applications

Anti-human lambda light chain (clone 48)

           "Binding of clone 48 monoclonal antibodies to human lambda light chain"

Hybridoma Clone    Antibody Isotype    Cat. No.
Clone 48                   Mouse IgG1        ARA43

A mouse was immunized with a Bence Jones lambda protein. After fusing the spleen cells of this mouse with mouse myeloma cells, antibody-producing clones were isolated and screened for reaction with Bence Jones lambda protein from a second patient.

The antibody will stain lambda chain-containing human cells. In ELISA the antibody will react with free lambda chains and also with lambda chains attached to heavy chains. Membrane bound Ig containing lambda light chains will also be recognized as well as cytoplasmic Ig from bone marrow cells containing lambda chains. All cells reacting with conventional anti-lambda will also react with antibody 48.

      Immunohistochemistry (frozen sections) yes
      Immunohistochemistry (formalin embedded tissue) yes
      Immunohistochemistry (antigen retieval) yes
      Flow cytometry not tested
      Immunoblotting yes
      ELISA yes
      RIA not tested
      Cross reactivity:
      Kappa not detectable
      Mouse lambda not tested
      Rat lambda not tested
      Rabbit lambda not tested
      Goat lambda not tested
       Immunoglobulin (sub)class: IgG1

       Presentation: supernatant or protein A purified

       4C = 2 months
       -20C = 1 year
       Aliquoted storage at -70C or 20C is recommended

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