ARA Antibodies for Research Applications

Monoclonal antibodies directed against an antigen on activated rat Natural Killer cells

Hybridoma Clone    Antibody Isotype    Cat. No.
ANK44                     Mouse IgG1         ARA13

The ANK44 monoclonal antibody was generated by immunizing mice with IL2-activated cultured NK cells of Wag rats (Giezeman-Smits et al., 1998).

The antigen recognized by ANK44 is highly expressed on rat NK cells after IL2-activation, both in vitro and in vivo. The antigen is not expressed by unstimulated NK cells. ANK44 also binds to rat gamma-delta-TCR T cells. It does not bind to aß-TCR T cells or to B cells. The ANK44 monoclonal antibody is rat strain-independent.

Technical information
ANK44 can be used in flow cytometry and for immunoprecipitation of the antigen. It can also be used for immunohistochemical analysis of freshly frozen tissue sections.

1. Giezeman-Smits KM, Jonges LE, Chambers WH, Brisette-Storkus CS, Van Vlierberghe RL, Van Eendenburg JD, Eggermont AM, Fleuren GJ, Kuppen PJ (1998) Novel monoclonal antibodies against membrane structures that are preferentially expressed on IL-2-activated rat NK cells. J Leukoc Biol 63: 209-215

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