ARA Antibodies for Research Applications

Monoclonal antibodies directed against tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinase-2 (TIMP-2)

Hybridoma Clone    Antibody Isotype    Cat. No
3A4                      Mouse IgG2a           ARA34

The 3A4 monoclonal antibody was generated from mice immunized with an 11 mer-peptide derived from the sequence of human TIMP-2. The amino acid sequence of this peptide was: DSGNDIYGNPI (Murray et al., 1998).

This monoclonal antibody binds to human TIMP-2. Reactivity in other species has not been determined, but the 11-mer peptide used for the immunization shows a 100% match with rat, mouse, and rabbit TIMP-2. The antibody was tested for cross-reactivity with TIMP-1 and did not cross-react.

Technical information
The 3A4 monoclonal antibody has been tested for use in Western blotting and immunohistochemical analysis of formalin-fixed/paraffin-embedded tissues. It is suggested to use colon carcinoma as positive control. Antigen retrieval by microwave treatment (5-20 min at full power, 950 W in 0.01 M sodium citrate buffer, pH 6.0) is recommended for immunohistochemical analysis.

1. Murray GI, Duncan ME, Arbuckle E, Melvin WT, Fothergill JE (1998) Matrix metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in gastric cancer. Gut 43: 791-797

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