ARA Antibodies for Research Applications

Anti-human cytokeratin no. 13 (clone 2D7)

           "Binding of 2D7 monoclonal antibodies to human cytokeratin no. 13"

Hybridoma Clone    Antibody Isotype    Cat. No.
Clone 2D7               mouse IgG2b           ARA24

A mouse was immunized with cytokeratin purified from human esophagus. Antibody producing cells were isolated after fusing the spleen cells of this mouse with murine myeloma cells by selecting the cells that produced antibodies capable of staining human epithelia in thin sections

The antibody does not stain non-cornifying squamous epithelium and transitional epithelium of the bladder. In immunoblotting experiments the antibody recognizes only keratin no. 13 (54 kDa).

      Immunohistochemistry (frozen sections) yes
      Immunohistochemistry (formalin embedded tissue) no
      Immunohistochemistry (antigen retrieval) yes
      Flow cytometry not tested
      Immunoblotting yes
      ELISA not tested
      RIA not tested
      Cross reactivity
      Other cytokeratins not detectable
      Vimentin not detectable
      Desmin not detectable
      Glial fibrillar acidic protein not detectable
      Neurofilament not detectable
      Mouse cytokeratin 13 not tested
      Rat cytokeratin 13 not tested
      Rabbit cytokeratin 13 not tested
      Goat cytokeratin 13 not tested
        Immunoglobulin (sub)class:  IgG2b

        Presentation:  supernatant or protein A purified

        4C = 2 months
        -20C = 1 year
        Aliquoted storage at -70C or 20C is recommended

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